18 July 2011

|| My morning ||

This morning I ran into Tom Hanks and Elle Fanning at a store. Tom Hanks was buying something, never really saw what it was. I wondered what brought him to Switzerland. I acted calm and cool however I wanted so badly to meet him. Luckily, he said the first words. He announced to all of us in the store how surprised and happy he was that we weren't acting like annoying fans. I said to him, "I am from Seattle so I am groovy". I regretted it the moment I said it. However, he rather enjoyed it. I realized though that what I said made me sound like a tourist so I really wanted to bring up that I actually lived here. Luckily, Jachen was in the store so I spoke loudly of how close we lived to the store. During this, a friend of mine somehow became really small and was working on her will so she began measuring herself for a coffin, a really small coffin. I was trying to get her to stop...it was weird. Anyway, Tom Hanks caught on that I was a "local" yet a groovy American. When some people came in the store he covered his face with his hat. He really didn't want to draw too much attention. He didn't cover his face around me. There was red licorice on the stores counter and I was happy about that. I wanted to remain around Tom while he was in the store so I lingered by the line. Looked at lots of candy, American candy, while I lingered. I didn't want him out of my sight. He was finally out of the line and beckoned me to follow him. He was being funny. He had me follow him. He jumped into this river and then into a cave. I stayed on the edge and just watched as he went. This is where I met Elle. Some lady came up to me and was talking to me really close, practically standing on top of me, about how I was from the States. She then turned to Elle to talk to her. Elle was not comfortable with how close this lady was standing so I went and rescued her. I told her not to worry, that the lady probably didn't realize she was standing so close, it was rather loud outside. I walked with Elle to my car where I saw Tom hop in. Jachen in the driver seat. To help make Elle happy I turned her attention to this house far up on the top of a really tall hill. That gave her a smile. She was there with Tom, so she too joined us in the car. Tom wanted Jachen and I to give him a tour of Switzerland. Tom was pleased we were locals and so cool. So we headed out. Tom was being pretty brash and I told him he was being hostile. He liked that though, he liked that I was "real" with him. I told them how I was bummed I didn't have a camera with me, of all the times I could not have my camera. Jachen found a camera in our glove compartment. Yes. So I took a few photographs of Tom and Elle while sitting in the back of our car. I found out they were in Switzerland shooting a movie. I was happy they said that because I was wondering how they of all people were here together. There was a point in the drive that I looked back and saw Seattle's skyline. I saw the Space Needle. I began to cry. Elle began to comfort me. But after some tears, I thought maybe I had imagined it. I must have. You can't see Seattle's skyline from Switzerland. I thought I must have seen it out of longing and memory. And we drove on.


stephanie said...

I haven't even read this yet.. but, WHAT!?

Okay, now I'll read it.

stephanie said...

okay. it's a dream. did dad get that? (I saw his comment on your post, which made me look at your blog)

Taylor said...

"I am from Seattle so I am groovy". Really?! Your first and only words to Tom Hanks. Have you even said the word groovy before?

Taylor said...

I am dying right now. Laughing too hard. I can't believe you said that!

kaitlin said...

a. i wonder how many people think this is real.
b. i thought it was real till basically the bottom till it became unbelievable.