23 June 2011

|| Tim Walker ||

Meet Tim Walker, if you haven't already. He is one of my favorite photographers. A lot of these shots are from Vogue which explains their beauty. I love his magical and dreamlike sets. I would love to be able to photograph like this, to have no boundaries and to play with textures, color and shapes to the magnitude that he does. I hated in my graphic design classes when the professors would always say how everything needed a reason or purpose...I never believed that. I always believed you could just do something because it is interesting, beautiful and because you have a vision for it. Tim Walker is a very good example of being free to use his vision. Back here I mentioned I wanted his book, still do.

1 comment:

Natalie said...

AMAZING! I love the spiral staircase one and the one in the mass messy room (trying to bring the word "mass" back)...pretty intense, and so much to look at. I love that they are not perfect...the messy rooms and such, so creative.