22 June 2011

Smells so good.

I discovered that the combination of these two smells is DIVINE. I can't stop sniffing my arms. I use the Cherry Blossom shower gel in the shower{like always, its my fav} and then slather on some Lavender Chamomile after the shower. Me, oh my. Once I even washed my arms in the bathroom sink with the body wash so I could put the lotion on with it and smell so good. Rumors say that different peoples skin take smells differently, but you should for sure try for yourself. You can get the small bottles of each at Bath and Body Works.


Amy said...

You should do a post on your favorite perfumes. Maybe you already have? But I'm looking for a new scent and I know you know of some good ones. :)

kaitlin said...

lavender is not my favorite really.