23 June 2011

|| Perfume Favorites ||

I had a request to share my favorite perfumes. These would be them. I am always on the look out for a new favorite perfume. I own all but the Vera Wang, Ralph Lauren and Incanto Shine. However, my friend has Vera and it's a pretty smell. My sister has the Ralph Lauren and I LOVE that one, that would be my next purchase and then the Incanto, I always just got free samples of from Sephora. Incanto makes others that are good as well, but I like Shine the best....or was it Dream? You can go into Sephora and ask for a free sample of any perfume...and I often ask for a couple. The Daisy, Unforgivable and With Love all have a really strong deep smell. The rest are a lighter smell. If that makes sense. None of these smell like flowers, because I hate those...I don't want to smell like soap...or a grandma. The best thing is to go to Sephora or any other store that has perfume open for you to smell. I bought the Halle Berry at Walmart, but I first smelt it at Walgreens, so any place you go that has perfume see if they have open ones to smell. A great place to buy perfume after deciding which one you want is Nordstrom Rack or Ross, or a store like that...if they randomly have that perfume available. Another place is Bath and Body Works...two of my favorite perfumes I have are from a few Falls ago for that season's line. Sometimes you can catch really yummy smells during their seasonal lines...but sadly they never bring them back again.

If anyone has any recommendations for me, I would love to know what you wear or wish you wore.


Amy said...


kaitlin said...

oh me oh my linds got the incanto smell and it is GOOD. can't get enough of that. AND she has had the viva la jucy perfume and it is SO SO good. i bought it at target a smaller size for 22 dollars and was THAT a good idea. or i can't actually decide if it was a bad idea because maybe i should have gotten a bigger one because i love it so much. i really love it. so that's that.


Liz Lopez said...

I have the daisy one and I love it! my momma gave it to me. I use it often and the smell is so nice and not grandmaish at all.