21 June 2011


This is a little delayed, but have you SEEN THIS MOVIE?? Hanna, it is. Jachen and I saw it on our honeymoon back in April and we have both been itching, dying and craving to see this movie again. I describe this movie as sweet. And not the cutesy sweet of course, but the I can't believe how cool that was, kind. The sweet lighting and music is well, sweet. There is this one scene where the music goes with the lighting, gah! I kinda felt like after I saw the new Tron movie, that I too described as "sweet" and "I can't believe that just happened". We would go see Hanna in the theatre again, but movies cost an arm and a leg here so we are waiting to rent it on itunes...oh the suspense that is building! Clearly there is some violence in the movie, but nothing out of "normal". There was also a nice level of humor as well, which is always refreshing. I wont say anything more about the film, but you can download some of the soundtrack HERE, lucky you, to get a taste at what the movie sounds like. The Chemical Brothers composed the whole soundtrack, I am starting to like that trend...like unto how the score for Tron was by Daft Punk. Brilliant. Oh, duh, go see this movie!


kaitlin said...

really?? didn't know you'd like it. it's in the dollar theater so i've been wanting to see it but it seemed more like a just regular action movie. i'll have to see it asap!! have you seen water for elephants?!!! go see it!!!

joslin said...

oh i'm glad to hear this review. looks like we need to see it then!