24 May 2011

Musik for you

These are my most recent album purchases and the music that has been filling my head, home and car the last few weeks. I love music, still...that hasn't changed and i wanted to make some recommendations. A few of these I have mentioned before, but I wanted to share again. Below is a link to a zip file of 2 of my favorite songs from each album that you can download and have for your very own. Just click on the orange box, save it, let it download and then put into your music player. It will download them individually once you download so if there is a song or artist you for some crazy reason don't like you can delete those.
1. {Oh Land} each song on her new album is so lively, fun and beautiful. Great songs for cruising in the car or dancing to while cleaning your house. I have done both. $7.99 on itunes
2. {The Head and the Heart} is a lovely piano, violin, acoustic guitar, drum, shaker, cowbell, happy, upbeat, 6 person...band. Each song on this album is superb and I own the album and vinyl. That is how much i love it. $9.90 on itunes
3. {Ellie Goulding}'s Lights album is full of sparkly pop songs. Her beats have you car dancing and dancing at home. This is a fun album full of great songs. $7.99 on itunes
4. {Agnes Obel} is a beautifully melodic piano playing artist. Her music is soothing and sooo beautiful. Again, every song on this album is great, there is not a one I don't love. $9.99 on itunes.
5. {James Vincent McMorrow}'s ablum Early In the Morning is my newest album. I love it. His voice is this yummy sultry/raspy sound, his voice has me sold. Every song is brilliant and beautiful. I can't believe this album is only NOW in my belonging. $6.99 on itunes
6. {Fleet Foxes} album Helplessness Blues is an album I have been waiting for since their first album came out 2 years ago. The best way to explain their music is that it feels like the best road trip through the plains and mountains, other than that you just know it when you feel it. However, I must warn you their song The Shrine/An Argument...the end of it has me cringing. I can't handle weird tooting of horns, but other than that 1 minute the album is perfection. $9.99 on itunes.

let me know what you think.

click, HERE.


joslin said...

i mean thanks for that music. i sure like the oh land songs a lot!

Veronica said...

yeahhh! thanks!