24 May 2011


Congrats to my lovely ladies for graduating from high school. I can't believe they are old enough to be making this huge change in their life, I don't think they can believe it either. I remember holding them when they were wee babies. I can look back at all the ages of their life and picture their growth. I stillll remember where I was when I found out they had been born. I remember feeding them, playing with them, laughing with them and dancing with them. They are book reading, sports STARing, smarting, beautifuling, funnying, teenying, true friendsing, card playing, 3 out of a family of 12ing, nicesting, nacho/waffles with ice cream on top/toast/sweets/hawaiian haystack eating~ kind of girls. I can't wait for them to start college, and I can't wait to hear about those adventures.

happy GRADUATION triplets!! love you!

do you think you can "spot" them in this family picture?


Lauren Farmer said...

ah!! :) thanks!! that was super sweet!

dont worry i still cant believe i've graduated either. its soo weird! but i am excited for college.

love you! and miss you! hope you are having a wonderful time in Switzerland!

kaitlin said...

so cute, loved this. wish you could have been there, it was darling. those girls sure are keepers!