13 April 2011


if you have yet to know of Aqualung, now is your chance. matthew hales is one of my favorite artists and HIS voice, oh his voice and those bone chilling melodies...not to mention the pianooo. he gets to ya. a few years ago, my cousin Meredith introduced me to him and recently she introduced his song Thin Air to me. what a lovely, lovely song.

sorry for the wonky video, just listen. it is so beautiful, you will fall in love.

another one of my new favorite Aqualung songs is actually this Brooke Fraser song he sings with her. what a surprise to buy her album and find mr hales himself on the album. grand.

my favorite Aqualung song, again wonky video.


Veronica said...

I haven't kept up with Aqualung in the last few years, but that Thin Air song is really, really pretty! Thanks.

Natalie said...

he kinda looks a bit like Jachen!