14 April 2011

any day now

he comes any day! and by any day i mean THIS monday evening....rather, late night. so i only have to wait five more days for this swiss boy. i haven't seen him since january 1st and it is ABOUT TIME. i am so so excited. i like him virtually, but i love him even more in real physical life.

this photo of him was the first photo i saw of him where i thought "oh he is really cute". he just returned from his mission when i met him so he only had this photo and one other on his facebook. it is kinda a funny angle of him, but this picture got me, got me thinking about him.


Olivia Carter said...

So happy for you Monica!

And as for Mocking Jay. I always try to finish series but if I'm being honest I've stopped half way through a TON. Is it worth finishing if you are SUPER invested, yes! or if you have nothing else to read, sure! If you have something else that sounds more interesting I'd read that first. :)

kaitlin said...

(monica, just finish the book. then you can move on.)

can't wait for all of the festivities!!!!