11 December 2014

< Eliza And The Bear//Light It Up >

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Hey! Great song.

Take a listen. //photo source.

20 July 2014

< Weekend With Nieces >

Not a fan of how blogger is changing the color and quality of my pictures. Especially that last one.

For Leah and Clara's birthday present in May we gave them a coupon for a sleepover that included dinner/swimming/movie/and a day trip the next day. We had them over last night and today. The girls even got to sleep on the floor in our bedroom.

We went to mine and Jachen's usual Deception Pass outing--Rosario Beach, Bowman Bay then onto the Deception Pass bridge, then stopped at La Conner for some ice cream.


30 June 2014

< Life Lately >

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A little of my beautiful recent life.

Portland & Long Beach & Astoria
Hiking at Discovery Park
Camping at LDS Youth Conference
Day in Seattle//Columbia Tower & Seattle Library & Pike Place
No & Yann Tiersen
Seattle Symphony Orchestra playing music from Tim Burton films
Lavender lemonade soda at Wallingford Farmer's Market
Playing tennis
Our first 5k
Swiss Raclette dinner night
Losing 30 pounds
And much much more. It's been a great several months.
I need to blog more.