10 January 2014

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Remember my post about the ring holder I made{here}? Well, finally, my jewelry wall is complete!

I have had the antlers and wire basket for weeks, but kept putting off hanging them because I wasn't convinced the three jewelry holders would go well together. Finally, I gave in and hung them. And glad I did, I love the result. Though completely different, somehow I picked just the right different objects to work well together. Maybe most people don't think that much about these things, but my brain is ruled by design principles. Unfortunately and fortunately. If you know me, you know I am eclectic so I am pleased the variety I wanted is a success. I have/had plans to spray paint the antlers white...but I don't know now, I actually kinda like the ombre effect and style the "natural" look provides. I know, I am crazy. Any opinions?

Can I offer you these helpful tips when purchasing jewelry holders? thanks.

1. Think about the presentation you are trying to achieve. Presentation being both visually interesting and also functional. Ask yourself, how do you want to be able to see and access your favorite pieces. I knew I wanted to have each ring visible in a bold manor for both esthetic and choosing which ring I would wear purposes. One thing that is tricky about most jewelry holders you can buy is that most holders tend to hide your pieces and/or are not easy access {my green and gold box of stud earrings you can see pictured, not the most ideal because all the earrings are piled, a good example of bad accessibility}. PLUS I think jewelry in itself are pieces of art so they should be showcased.

2. Consider holders that can be space savers. Use your wall. As you can see I have a full dresser top, I need that wall space.

3. Keep in mind growth. If you have a lot of jewelry or hope to add to your collection get a holder that has room for your collection. You don't want 10 different earring holders.

4. Search. There are many options out there so keep in mind steps 1,2,3 and see what your options are. Thrift stores, antique shops and Hobby Lobby are the best I have found sources of unique holders. World Market has some great holders too, here, unfortunately I have too many rings for that holder. Don't settle for what won't work for what you need. Be willing to DIY it.

5. Like for any shopping either a. wait to purchase until you know exactly what you want or b. keep your receipts. I had the tags on the holders until I was ready to hang them.

6. I am SUCH a fan of purchasing items that can work elsewhere if ever I want to change things up. Meaning, if I ever chose to display my jewelry another way I can use the antlers and wire basket elsewhere around the home and they are not wasted. Love that. Some jewelry holders out there are designed solely for that purpose and are not easily reusable for another purpose.

7. Showcase your favorite pieces of jewelry and maybe retire or hide the pieces you don't wear or aren't your favorite anymore.

Antlers and wire basket via Hobby Lobby. Piece of wood used for rings via Ikea.

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