25 September 2013

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It's that time of year...when we're all a bunch of sickies{or maybe that is all year around}. Here are some of my favorite things when I am sick. I am getting over a cold now, but a pretty weak one, luckily.
> Ginger tea. I drink several of these tea bags each day I am sick. It makes me feel sooo good and helps my throat and nose when I breath it in as well. This particular box of ginger tea is from Germany, but I am sure/they better sell something to the equivalent here.
> Vitamin C powder packets are a must. I used to drink Emergen-C, which too is great, but I bought these packets from Trader Joe's and they are cheaper and seem to have more doses of the nutrients/vitamins inside. Plus the box is so beautifully designed. Win, win, win.
> A happy tissue box makes me happy when I am sick. {Also from Trader Joe's}
> Yummy smelling hand sanitizer {Autumn Day, Creamy Pumpkin and Farmstand Apple from Bath & Body Works} . Well I guess this is more preventative, too bad I waited til after I got sick to buy some.
> Ricola. Love. The perfect mint flavor and really does help that tickle in my throat. I also love that it's a cube.
> Olbas Oil. A very strong inhalant and is great for a really stuffy nose. Put a drop in tissue, or a drop on your pillow and inhale as best as your stuffy nose will let you. OR put a drop or two in some boiling water and inhale. Beware if you have any amount asthma issues to not use too much in one day. This past Winter, the last time I used it...I had a minor yet scary asthma attack because I inhaled too much of this in one day.

I hope something here helps next time you are sick. Any recommendations pour moi?

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Olivia Carter said...

I get sick at every change of the season. I managed to get through winter to spring and spring to summer. BUT summer to fall I totally got sick. BOO!