03 August 2013

< Film & An Update >

I love this movie trailer. So visually captivating. I hope the movie is as great as the trailer. I showed this to my dad and he recognized the story "The Secret Life of Walter Mitty"...I had never heard of it before. He said it was a great story, so I hope they do it justice then.

ps. we are doing GREAT. Just been keeping ourselves very busy. The last several weeks when I was on my computer I spent that time looking up apartments and now that we found one we like, I have been spending my computer time looking up great home goods deals.

Jachen got a job! He signed his offer a few days ago, already took his physical and drug test and is now just waiting for the background check to go through. My guess is he will start work the week of the 12th. We won't move out of my parents' home until September...saving up one more month.

I am hoping soon I can get back to regular blogging. I miss it. But for now I am just going to enjoy this "vacation" of family gatherings and planning life craziness.

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