01 July 2013

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Some of my favorite gender neutral baby goodies. I don't LOVE overly girly and overly boyish things, but luckily there are a lot of goodies I have found that are not only gender neutral, but also in my style.

I have started buying baby clothes...probably unnecessarily early since who knows when I will have a baby{hopefully next Summer}. I make myself buy gender neutral that way nothing will go to waste and I can still feed my need to buy for baby...okay fine, I bought some amazing girl onesies the other day in Germany, but they were "can't live without" pieces and on sale...so I justify.

Bonjour! Poster|Bear Print|Bandit Fox|Crochet Blanket|Mittens|Knitted Booties|Knitted Owl|Planets Poster|Veggie Shirt|Wet Bag|Teething Rings|Kale Onesie

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Olivia Carter said...

Those foxes KILL ME! And I have the adult LETTUCE TURNIP THE BEET on my Pinterest WANTIES page! So stinkin' cute!