03 July 2013

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I can hardly remember June. I had to look back at my Instagram and calendar to remember what we did. June flew by for us. Crazy how fast, probably because it was jam packed with things to do.

This month we...
\\Had a goodbye gathering with Jachen's family.

\\We finally found out our appt date for Jachen's Visa interview, July 8th.

\\Spent a load of money switching the date for our plane tickets.

\\Went on lots of walks.

\\Bought and ate a lot of fruit.

\\Jachen got his shots for moving to the States. Ouch.

\\Sold a lot of our furniture.

\\Packed and got rid of everything we aren't taking to the States.

\\Had two picnics at the lake. Only two...the weather was too bad to have more.

\\Went to Zurich. We spent the morning and early afternoon walking around the city then went to Jachen's Visa physical...he is one healthy guy.

\\Bought a nice chunk of future baby clothes and goodies. Jachen is all game for me starting now.

\\Jachen and I downloaded all seasons of Frasier, I grew up watching the show, and we have become addicted to watching it together.

\\Went to Germany a few times. Sent home more boxes.

\\Cleaned our apt and checked out!

\\Started our 2 week stay with Jachen's dad until we can leave July 11th to the USA! {where we reside now}


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Olivia Carter said...

So excited for you guys moving! And good luck on Jachen's interview and all that good stuff! Hooray for you!