26 May 2013

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Yesterday, Saturday, we went with Jachen's grandparents on a day trip to Scuol Switzerland. Scuol is a village that is in the Romansch region of Switzerland. Romansch is one of the 4 languages spoken in the Swiss culture. Only 1% still speak the language however. Jachen's grandma grew up in this village and grew up speaking Romansch. {Jachen's name and middle name Curdin are both Romansch names. In fact, Jachen is a really popular name amongst Romansch people.}

His grandparents have been wanting to take us on this trip since our first summer living here, but that first summer is when I hurt my ankle...so now, two years later we were finally able to go. I am so happy we did because it was a great and we really enjoyed spending the day with Gunter and Luise.

Our morning started at 6am so we could meet his grandparents in a village called Landquart. Jachen and I both woke up feeling sick because due to some laundry issues we didn't go to bed til REALLY late the night before. But, we were just okay enough to still enjoy the day. Gunter and Luise{aren't they cute?} came into Landquart on a train, we drived and then we all went on a train together to Scuol. SUCH a beautiful train ride. Switzerland is so beautiful. We saw some snow, but luckily Scoul was overcast then became sunny later on. {but then it snowed while we were in Zernez, which I will post about tomorrow}

Once arriving in Scuol, we walked down to the village from the train station. Ventured through the upper part of that village, Luise made a lunch reservation, and then we walked down to the lower part of Scuol to explore. Luise was a great tour guide: she knows so much about the area, having grown up there as well as been back many times to visit. While down here exploring and taking photographs, I totally forgot to take ANY video. Bummed about it, but luckily you get to see it in photograph...but won't be seen in the video. :(

Luise showed us the school she went to {photographed her in front of the school that is celebrating it's 100 years}. We got to get an idea of the Romansch style of home--DARLING front doors, a darling bench in front, most houses have the family crest painted on it, most houses have named their house...either "Chasa _____" and their last name or just a name to describe their home example...one was "Chasa Sul Mot"{house on the mountain}...Jachen and I decided we would paint one of those on the side of our house one day {there was a house that had a saying we really liked and want to use that one}. Also, many of the homes had these crocheted window hangings that have images of the Romansch traditional flower, the clove flower. Many of the homes, depending on if their door was higher than the road, have cute little steps made out of stepping stones leading up to the door...you can see it in a few photos.

After exploring the village, we went to eat lunch at a traditional{which is normal to them} restaurant. You can see it in the video. My lunch was DELICIOUS. Gunter and I got the same meal called Pizzokels{no idea how to explane...maybe think of a bigger more potato version of gnocchi}Jachen got schnitzel and fries{typical Jachen} and Luise got a "fitness salad" which was a salad with fruit, veggies and chicken.

After lunch Luise picked up some favorite things from the village and then we headed back to the train station where we then headed to a village called Zernez. I will post those pics later, but you can see our trip in the video.

 photo photo-1_zpsfbe6b272.jpg
 photo photo-2_zpsed058aec.jpg
 photo photo-3_zps0d00053a.jpg
 photo photo-4_zps7ddb325e.jpg
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 photo photo-16_zps5e9bf018.jpg
 photo photo-17_zps446183fe.jpg
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 photo photo-19_zps2cdf4bac.jpg
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PART TWO of our day HERE

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stephanie said...

The pictures are amazing- what a neat (understatement) village! I'm glad you guys were able to spend time with Jachen's grandparents too!