27 May 2013

< Day Trip To Scuol//PART TWO >

After we left Scuol, we took a train to Zernez to visit Jachen's grandma's sister who is 90! It was just a quick visit and then we headed back on the train for a 3.5 hour ride back to Landquart. The train ride was long, but as you can see very beautiful. There was a point in the train ride where we were going through switchbacks. I literally was running back and forth to both sides of the train to see the sights.

In Landquart we got off the train, Gunter and Luise stayed on and then Jachen and I drove home.

See part one of the day trip, HERE and the video that goes along with it.
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This house below, with the arched doorway, is where Jachen's dad's father lived once upon a time.
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