10 April 2013

< Seeing Daddio >

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We saw my dad yesterday! Sunday he came into the country for business and Tuesday, yesterday, afternoon he had his last meetings. We met him in Burgdorf, where the company is, and spent the afternoon and evening with him. {this is actually the 3rd year I have been able to do this with him, pretty cool to have been able to see him when he comes into town for business} It felt like I JUST saw him...I love that feeling.

//went to lunch
//went to his favorite knife shop
//drove to his hotel in Zurich
//he brought an empty suitcase to take back a suitcase full our things, so we switched that up
//gave us some requested and non requested American goodies {thanks parents and Natalie for sending us goodies. Thanks Leah and Clara for the art you sent!}
//had dad sign a few documents for the VISA process
//he showed us pictures and videos of his and my mom's trip to Florida, to visit my bro and his family, that he was on right before Switzerland
//went to dinner
//met up with his boss and coworker
//hung out and talked in his hotel room

Then Jachen and I drove home at 1030...climbed into bed at 1130. Long, but short, great day!

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Natalie said...

Yeah, sounds like a fun day. I love that he gets to see you when he is there. Next year when he goes you guys wont be there!!