11 April 2013

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 photo nursery3a_zpsef89d466.jpg
 photo line2.jpg
 photo nursery3stuffa_zps4bd67266.jpg
A fun and bright baby's room. Some decor and products I like. I love the idea of cutting out paper triangles for the wall...or you could paint them. Or for some mini triangles use Washi Tape.

one. Baby Ointment //two. Art Print//three. Art Print//four. Art Print//five. Pouf Pillow//six. AVENT Bottle//seven. Rug//eight. Teething Rings//nine. Nightlight //ten. Dresser//eleven. Crib


Stay tuned for the next room!


stephanie said...

That mountain art print could be yours. Don't you think it's similar to what you do? Cute room. Love the green dresser.

Monica @ All Things Lovely said...

I knoW! that's why i love it. Love the colors in this one. I HATE primary colors...but I really like the shade of these primary colors. totally something i would make.