02 April 2013

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March is over, so long March. When I sat down to write this post I could NOT remember what we did in March...off the top of my head. Good thing for Instagram/10 on 10 and my March calendar hung on the wall. We actually had quite an eventful month.

This month we--
\\Spent a Saturday in Germany--I bought some new rings, purple flats,{honestly, I hardly EVER buy anything for myself...so buying a few little things was a big deal!} Jachen got a bow tie and skinny tie. Ate at a DELICIOUS gelato place we discovered, and ate cheap chinese that we are excited to go back and eat again. Added to my collection of children's books. Found out it is cheaper to ship packages in Germany...so we will be heading there to ship a few boxes home in the next few months. While waiting for our elevator up to our car, I saw this lady carrying her things in this cool Tilsiter cheese bag--my favorite cheese--and I had Jachen ask her where she got the bag. She couldn't remember and offered to give it to us! So we gave her our paper grocery bag in exchange, so nice!

\\Went to Jachen's dad's for lunch on a Sunday--we were finally able to give him the Christmas gifts we bought him in the USA. We bought him some clothes--one shirt was a Seattle shirt and we also got him a Seahawks cap. His dad, Gian, gave me those Fasnacht place mats. Cool.

\\Our car was due for a check so our mechanic let us borrow a car for a few days while he was working on our car...such a miniature car! Not only mini, but I felt like it was going to fall apart any second. Actually, the first night we got it from the mechanic we were pulled over by a bunch of cops who were sitting there pulling cars out. Of course they pulled that car out...but they didn't check much because we told them it wasn't our car and we just got it. Phew, other people had to have their car majorly checked.

\\We went to a free yodeling concert. Probably one of if not the last traditional Swiss thing we will do before moving to the States. {not that we typically do traditional Swiss things}

\\We went on many walks. Had some good weather. Then of course the surprise of snow at the end of the month. Easter Sunday was snowing like crazy up where our church building is.

\\Ate lots of Swiss cheese, trying to get my fill of it before we move.

\\Jachen said goodbye to the Swiss Army. He turned his form in saying he was leaving the country this summer. {all Swiss male's have to serve at least 300 days in the Army. Jachen did all his several years ago, but they also have to keep all their gear and go shooting every year until they are 32. Since we are moving he has to let them know he won't be doing that anymore}

\\Started the packing process. Since my dad will be here in a week, we had to start. An exciting and stressy thing to be doing!

\\Everything that needs to be cancelled 3 months before we move was cancelled. Jachen informed his job he was leaving along with our apt. It's really happening!

\\We finalllly had our daylight savings Easter Sunday...it was getting annoying being off with the usual Seattle times.

Well, that was March!


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