26 March 2013

< Jodeln >

Jachen and I went to a little Swiss Yodeling concert this past Saturday. I didn't have much space on my Ipod to film more, so this is all you get.



Natalie said...

Lame. That must of been torture for Jachen. Is that what yodeling is in Switzerland? Don't they do that fast yodeling? well, good job doing something cultural.

Monica @ All Things Lovely said...

Yup, that's traditional Swiss yodeling for you. Swiss yodeling is slower with more singing. Austrians and Germans typically have the faster yodeling that we grew up thinking was yodeling. Some Swiss CAN yodel that way, but it's not the traditional SWISS way.

It wasn't torture for Jachen, at one point I was ready to leave and he said we should stay a little longer. It's much prettier live, the recording doesn't quite capture it and I am suppper bummed I didn't get more video of the last group because their singing and yodeling was very good.