18 March 2013

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I love playing dress up with clothing on this here blog, but now I am going to start playing room dress up. I hope to bring you some inspiring ideas/rooms. We'll see how it goes!

This is a room I could totally see us living in. It's modern, sleek, clean and still spunky. I love love a grey couch...it goes with everything. Dark grey, like this one, or light grey. A bold rug and bold floor lamps are musts. You don't need wood floors to have a rug, throw one down on your carpet, silly! I like combining framed pieces of art with art prints posted up with Washi Tape{it's perrrfect for displaying art on the wall without having to frame it}. A good throw and pillow{s} are essential for the living room.

1. Star Wars Poster//2. Art Print//3. Art Print//4. Art Print//5. Art Print//6. Faux Bear Head//7. Sofa
8. Floor Lamp//9. Stool//10. iDock//11. Throw//12. Rug//13. Pillow//14. Nail Polish//15. Oxfords

Stay tuned for the next room!


Allison said...

I love grey couches too! We were looking for a dark grey, midcentury looking couch when we moved, but couldn't find one that was sturdy enough. Love your picks :)

Natalie said...

Love that you are throwing your art into the mix, looks good.