19 March 2013

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I have been collecting a few German books. I know kinda crazy. Mostly crazy because now I have to pack some heavy books when we move, BUT it's worth it to me. It's important to me to have a nice collection of German books for our kids. I try to get German books that have German/European architecture in them otherwise they are just generic "i might as well have just bought english" books. And I am also a children's book snob, so I don't chose just any style. I like books that are filled with things to look at that have interesting illustration. I am prettty good at reading in German so this is a way for me to speak German to my children during the day. {when I someday have kids}

A few weekends ago we were in Germany and I bought the books below. MAN ALIVE do I love bookstores. Jachen was kind enough to let me get both Ali Mitgutsch books that I wanted. And good to know he does sell some others on Amazon so I can order the rest of his series online when we live in the States. I hit the jackpot with these two.
 photo IMG_9971_zps0c670583.jpg

My favorite is Mein Wimmelbuch Komm mit ans Wasser by Ali Mitgutsch. The book is about 9x12 inches and is a glossy board book. I LOVE LOVE it. The rich colors and cool illustrations are seriously amazing in real life. I love this book so much I wanted to show you all the pages even though the pictures don't do it justice, but you can get the idea. And nbd the beach spread has some nakey adults in it--not in the photo though--they are small and in the corner of the page, so I guess my kids will be learning about European nudity early on--if they even notice them. ha.
 photo IMG_9974_zpsa0e6d020.jpg
 photo IMG_9978_zpsd2e374ec.jpg
 photo IMG_9980_zpsc9bd4746.jpg
 photo IMG_9981_zpsd468d7d2.jpg
 photo IMG_9982_zpsba8e43c2.jpg
 photo IMG_9984_zps2871de02.jpg
 photo IMG_9985_zpsf6d58d86.jpg

A few pages from Mein grosses Winter Wimmelbuch by Ali Mitgutsch. I seriously love this artist. I want all the book in this series. This is a 9x12 glossy board book as well. This one has great German architecture which I love and look for in my German books. This book is half full illustration spreads and half "i spy" type...as you can see. So that's fun! I am a sucker for "i spy/where's waldo" type books.
 photo IMG_9986_zps2423d0d3.jpg
 photo IMG_9987_zpsd337768c.jpg
 photo IMG_9989_zpse05d38bd.jpg
 photo IMG_9990_zps28c0a882.jpg
 photo IMG_9991_zpsc2df4e2e.jpg
And also we bought this cute little travel sized book about a fox, Ich bin der kleine Fuchs by Wolfgang de Haƫn. Jachen grew up with some of the books in this series so I want to continue that onto our kids. I was so so happy to find it in the small size. Here's a few pages from this one.
 photo IMG_9972_zpsc068f9c1.jpg
 photo IMG_9992_zps9951b1b8.jpg
 photo IMG_9993_zpse985f13c.jpg

These three books are actually the second set of books I have bought recently...but I will share the other set later. When we get closer to moving, there is an AMAZING series of Swiss German books that I will buy. I can't decide if I want to get those in English{they carry those in English} or in German. {actually now that I think of it, my kids will have plenty books in English...I should get them in German}


Katie said...

Those books are awesome! The illustrations are superb, you're right. Thanks for writing about them! I can't speak or read German in any way, but if I ever come across these I may have to purchase them. As a kid, I loved picture books like this :)

Natalie said...

Those books are great and will be loved by your future children. Love the little mini book too, its so small, great for packing in your bag to take places.