04 March 2013

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I canNOT get the songs from this movie out of my head! Literally everyday one of the songs have popped in my head. Have you seen this movie? I watched it thinking I would at least be mildly entertained for an hour and a half but it turned out that Jachen and I really liked it. Better than we thought. The day after Jachen and I watched it, I watched it again...which is probably why now a week or so later the songs are still in my head. One of those movies I can watch over and over...hmm might watch it again today.

"Turn the beat around...." "I've got the magic in me...." "Don't you forget about me..." "As you walk on by will you call my name" Ahh so good and sooo in my head.

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Katie said...

LOOOOOOVE Pitch Perfect!! So funny!