17 February 2013

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The Swiss Parliament building
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We were standing on the gold reserves of Switzerland. Cool.
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Yesterday, Saturday, we drove to Bern...the capital of Switzerland. It's a beautiful city. You can see from the first two pictures above how beautiful the city is from the hill above.

Our plan was to walk around the city and get lunch there...well turned out the city was having Fasnacht. Opps. So there were a little more people there than we expected. We tried to stay on the back streets to avoid the crowds...and avoid more confetti being thrown onto us. We ended up only staying a little over an hour and didn't even find a place for lunch.

It's a pretty neat old city. My favorite part are the shops underground...there are two pictures above of the stairs leading to underground shops{jachen is walking down one of the stairs in one of the pictures}. They are all along the main street, pretty cool huh?

After we had our fill of Bern we headed over to Jachen's grandparents' for dinner. They moved last summer and we hadn't been able to visit them until yesterday. We had a great night...and filled our bellies with Raclette dinner. Their new apt complex has a room with a tanning bed, sauna and big jacuzzi bath...so Jachen and I will be staying over night at their place soon so we can use that room.

TOMORROW, we are headed to Basel to enjoy their Fasnacht.


stephanie said...

Oh yeah, his grandparents moved! How happy that you could go visit them. These pictures are awesome, looks like a really cool city.

Julene said...

love that first picture. so pretty with all the snow!