01 February 2013

< Swiss Prices, ARGH >

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One reason I detest living in Switzerland. Prices are considerably higher....than the States. More than Germany even, who are their neighbors! so don't go saying it's shipping costs! So agitating.

Swiss and Germany prices already include tax...

For the kids items--
the price is 4,95 in Euro which comes to 6.75 in Dollars
the price is 9.90 in Swiss Francs which comes to 10.94 in Dollars

For the women's items--
the price is 14,95 in Euros which comes to 20.40 dollars
the price is 24.90 in Swiss Francs which comes to 27.51 in dollars
So even with a 1-2dollar tax for each item...the price in Switzerland is still several dollars more and in Germany it's about even.

See how that can be frustrating? I am sure for most Swiss people, they don't even realize they are paying more here, but for me when I see the price difference--it's frustrating. Just the concept behind it kills me.  I don't know how or who decides that Swiss people should pay more for EVERYTHING, but somehow they let it happen. For someone like me, who compares everything to what it would cost to the States, I can get angry at times. Every time we shop Swiss prices I have to remind myself not to curse at Swiss prices. A small wedge of cheese here is like 7dollars {3-5francs a small wedge. and thats a small wedge}. There are SOME things cheeper here, like milk. Or maybe just milk. Or maybe just because we buy the cheapest milk. ha. That's why we do the bulk of our shopping in Germany.

There are some other countries that pay high prices--like I checked the H&M prices for Denmark and Sweden and they were a lot more as well. Don't know why things like this happen, but it's ridiculous! Something to think about if you are ever wanting to move to Europe...check out the prices for all the basics in that country because it can ADD up. The price of gas, clothes, food, insurance, garbage service, rent, and car repair are very high here--it seriously adds up! {unless you are rich, then you don't care how much things cost}{And don't even get me started on how much it costs to travel by train and stay in hotels here!} Living in Europe is only as exciting as you have money to pay for all that is exciting!

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merebuff said...

In Beirut there was like a 50/50 split from the uber-expensive and uber-cheap. For the basics (groceries, rent, most restaurants, movie theaters) it was cheap. Clothes, cosmetics, books were double. In the UAE, everything that was not produced in the UAE or India (mostly everything) then the price doubled or more. Once I spent $10 on spinach.