04 February 2013

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I made a HUGE mistake. Huge. How embarrassing! I realized the other day while listening to Ben Howard's album Every Kingdom, that I didn't include this album on my list of favorite albums in 2012. AHH. How could I have missed that? This album is my MOST favorite album of 2012 too, so double embarrassing.  {honestly, I think at the time I was thinking I got the album in 2011}

This album is perfection. From start til finish. Ben Howard is a deal breaker--if you don't like his album we can't be kindred spirits. It's true. I have mentioned his album and showcased his songs many times, so if you don't have his album by NOW, what the heck!?

This album is great in Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall. It's great on a drive, while taking a walk, while trying to fall asleep, while doing chores, while traveling the world, while reading, while doing things around the house...anytime you are breathing really. It's great for all ages. It's great for music lovers and those just getting into music. It's great for those who like singer songwriter music. It's great for those who like indie/alternative music. It's great for those who grew up liking James Taylor{I feel like he is a modern young version of James Taylor}. It's great to start the day, great for inspiration and great to feel good. Great today, great tomorrow.

It would seem like I am exaggerating my love for this album, I am not. Let it be your favorite album of 2013.

AND take a listen to his very impressive cover of Call Me Maybe. He is DARLING.


kaitlin said...

wow, really good! email it to me!!

Natalie said...

Wow. Great cover of Call Me Maybe. I love how artists can take a song and completely make it their own sound, but it is still the song. So great.