15 February 2013

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 photo egarements01_zpsc0050209.jpg
 photo egarements08_zps1baefb28.jpg
 photo egarements05_zps45a9241f.jpg
 photo quotidien01_zps5fe7d4b8.jpg
 photo egarements04_zpsaa5431e3.jpg
 photo egarements06_zps4043e1dd.jpg
Interesting photography by Cerise Doucede Photographe. It's interesting that everything is made to look like it's hanging/exploding on strings...but I am pretty sure all the objects are photoshopped in. Except maybe the book pages image? OR maybe I am wrong and everything really is hanging in the room. What do you think?


nancy @ adore to adorn said...

these images are AMAZING.

Natalie said...

I believe in true artistry, and a true artist would hang it all from the ceiling. That's what I would do, not that I am a real artist or anything. I think it is real. Super cool. something I would do.

Monica @ All Things Lovely said...

i dont know, it looks totally photoshopped to me...like the cars are all hung by one string YET they are sitting upright when if a car was hung by a string it would be more floppy.

but it's still artistry to be good at photoshopping.

and i think a true artist would know that the hanging things wouldnt look as good if it was just hanging by one white string...so he would know he would need to photoshop it... :)

Julene said...

that would be so much work to hang all of those.