05 February 2013

< 8x10 Februar Calendar Download >

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I know it's a littttle late, but I needed a February calendar so I made one real quick yesterday. Thought I would let you download it incase you needed a calendar for the rest of the month. {I updated the download after I printed mine, if you are wondering why it looked a little different}

The calendar is in German, sooo if you don't want German...then don't print it! Download, HERE.
or HERE if the other link doesn't work for you.


stephanie said...

I couldn't download it, the link said it was an invalid or deleted file...?

Monica @ All Things Lovely said...

weird. it shows it just fine for me. is your flash updated? ill try and upload another link.

Liz Lopez said...

hey monica, I love seeing your blog; I just have a questions what program do you use to make the calendar?

Monica @ All Things Lovely said...

Liz, I use Adobe Illustrator. I do everything by end, no templates. but I think Microsoft Publisher still has calendar templates.