07 December 2012

< Star Trek Tease >

Jachen sent me this link and wrote this exactly "GUESSS WHHOOOO IS IN THE NEW STAR TREK MOVIEEEEE". My heart was hoping it was Jamie Bell...then I thought too good to be true. Then I thought Jennifer Lawrence. Nope, not her either. Then at the very end who popped up {cus when he pops up earlier i didnt realize it was him nor did i recognize his voiceover}? SHERLOCK! aka Benedict Cumberbatch. We love him. You a Sherlock fan? Those two boys need to be done working on The Hobbit and get back to Sherlock!

UMM this movie looks amazing. AND it will be.
PS. Who is excited for The Hobbit and Les Mis??

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Hannah Mary said...

I about died when I saw Benedict in that trailer. He's amazing!!

As excited as I am about The Hobbit (Lord of the Rings are my all-time favorite movies) I do wish Sherlock would hurry up (especially after that cliff-hanger).

And Les Mis...I'm. So. Excited.