17 December 2012

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A super easy way to create a whole new look with the clothes you already own is simply to swap the top out. The top you wear sets the tone for your whole overall look, therefore just changing that will give you a complete new outfit. And who cares if you wear the same pants, shoes and accessories with it. You don't have to have piles of jeans or piles of shoes to have a variety in your wardrobe. Just a select amount of statement pieces that can be swapped.

I have been thinking a lot lately about my wardrobe and how desperately it needs improvement. Since living here in Switzerland I have only added a few pieces into my closet and almost everything else I own is older and/or not my preferred styling anymore. I have decided, well easier said than done, that I want to have less pieces but of better quality. So, I have decided that I want a new fresh start. Get rid of anything I don't love and just still have because I can't let go. Getting rid of these items will be "easy" when we pack up everything and move to the USA...the little amount of space we have will force me to finally get rid of items that I don't need. It will be a hard task to let go, but whenever I end up letting go of something it always feels so good after. Today I threw away a pair of jeans and boots I have just been holding onto for no good reason...so dumb! So I say to you, get rid of that junk in your closet that you don't wear and shouldn't wear! Update update!

A few of my helpful tips for shopping smart
1. Search stores online or in your area to know what is out there for sale at the time of you wanting something new. This way you can chose the top thing/s you want ahead of time instead of buying piece after piece that you see in the moment. This will also help you slow down your shopping...so if out shopping and you see a beautiful dress...wait to buy it...then decide if you a. even need a new dress b. ask yourself is this the best dress out there, maybe there is something out there I would want more c. is this the best deal out there for a dress like this. Then once you have decided yes I need a dress and yes I did my research then you have made a smarter decision.

--I have been doing this a lot lately because a. I don't have much time while at home for Christmas for shopping and this way I already know what stores have what I want b. it allows me to find the best deals c. I can see what stores have the items I love/need/fit my style best and not just like. Therefore less purchasing of "likes" will happen.

--also if you do your research you can find that some brands are just as good as the more expensive brands. For example...makeup. If you don't have $20 to spend on one tube of lipstick...figure out what drugstore lipstick brand does what you want. Example...get Revlon lipstick instead of NARS or MAC.

2. Don't be afraid to shop online. Not only do stores, like Target, have a lot of items on their website that they don't have in the stores, but there are deals online that are not in the store. If you need multiple items usually you can get free shipping. This will help you to not impulse buy in the store...I feel like there is more impulse buying in person than online. Also, if you only want one item from that store, but need a certain value to get free shipping...go in with a friend. Or you can buy everyday things you would normally buy in the store, but now can order online to get your free shipping. {you know like nail polish, deodorant, toothpaste etc etc}

--I needed a pair of boots, so I searched every store online{since I can't go into the stores being in Switzy} I could think of and google searched the exact type of boot that I wanted so that I could find the best boot and best deal. I ended up finding a pair on sale that I love, well I think I love..still have to try them on when I get home, and since I didn't know what size to get AND I wanted free shipping I just ordered two different sizes therefore ensuring I get the right size and the free shipping. Then I can just return the pair that's not right. Smart huh?

3. Only buy what you LOVE. If you just kinda like it DONT GET IT. Seriously, don't.

--this concept I figured out a few years ago after many years of buying things that I liked. Ever since I realized this, I purchased a LOT less clothing, accessories etc.

4. Only buy pieces that you can for sure wear with the rest of your wardrobe. If you can't see how it will be paired with what you already own, just don't get it. Chances are you won't end up wearing it...not matter how much you love it.

5. Listening to your friends advice isn't always the answer. Sometimes shopping with someone can be great...they can tell you the truth about the item. BUT I think more often than not they get you to buy things you shouldn't or don't need. It's not a bad thing to buy items that you want if you have the money...but if you don't have the money don't let someone convince you, you need it. In the moment you won't be thinking if you really neeeed it because you are just happy in that moment that someone agrees with you that you should get it. You can think clearer and smarter if you are shopping alone. If you want someones opinion, take pictures to show them outside the store or bring them in later after you have already thought more about the items.

6. If you love something but not to sure if you should buy it...leave the store...wait a few days and if the item is still on your mind and you really can't live without it..THEN you can get it. But if you leave the store and have forgotten about it and realize you can do without it...then great!

7. For the most part, you get what you pay for. If you want something nicer, buy fewer items and put that money you save buying less into items that cost a little more. It's better to have 5 really great shirts than 10 shirts you don't love much.

8. Don't be afraid/embarrassed to return something. If after a week or two and you haven't worn that item...return it! It clearly isn't important enough to keep. With that in mind, make sure you keep receipts/tags and are conscious about the return policy of a store before purchasing from it.

9. If you are a thrift store shopper...be ever so picky. Though the items are cheap, usually for a good reason, it adds up. You can leave having bought 10 items you only like just cus they were cheap but then you end up spending $20. That $20 could have been spent buying something nicer.

--I am def guilty of this. So dumb. In the moment you are just so excited something is semi cute and cheap you don't think about "is this realllly what I want in my wardrobe".

10. If you are realllly disciplined set aside an amount of money each month that you are allotted to spend on clothing. Like put the money in an envelope so you can actually see the amount deplete. Seeing it will help you realize how much you are actually spending and help you see when you are getting near the end. If you don't like that idea, get a separate debit card with a certain amount on it and just have that in your wallet. Anything left over can go towards the next month.

11. I was going to have just 10 tips, but I think this one is important too. Be conscious of the reason you are buying something. Are you buying it because you love it, or for an event? OR are you buying it to please other people. If you are buying clothes to please others then you are more likely to buy more clothes than you need because your list of people you are dressing for can be long. Buying for yourself puts you in the right frame of mind. You should be wearing something because you love it and not because you want to be noticed...especially if it's for a boy...chances are the boy won't even notice you dress well. Confidence in yourself and just loving what you are wearing will be enough to get someone to notice you.

I hope some of these tips are helpful and help motivate you to be smarter while shopping for clothes. I know how hard it is to resist a beautiful piece of clothing or shoes.

Swap One//Geometric Sweater|Jeans|Scarf|Lipstick|Boots|Star Top
Swap Two//Cream Shirt|Sweater|Jeans|Glasses|Lipstick|Tassel Slippers|Check Shirt
Swap Three//Sweater Top|Jeans|Leather Jacket|Lipstick|Boots|Ring|Sequin Top

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