10 October 2012

< Paris Tidbits >

Well now you can see the randomness we brought back from Paris.
::Crepes, yum. We have used these the last two days with cheese and chicken in them grilled like a toasted cheese sandwich.
::Jachey wanted that random bowl and those chocolate cake things.
::silk scarf pour moi
::bought some old postcards
::had to buy some art prints from the Louvre
::bought the pretty Eiffel Tower pic and mini Eiffel Towers up on the Tower. All my life I have wanted an Eiffel Tower, but just couldn't buy one until I actually got one in Paris. For some reason it never seemed right to have one unless I had been to Paris. And good thing my dream came true.
::Goldfish! They don't sell Goldfish here and they sure looked good so we bought the cheddar and salt & vinegar ones...are the salt & vinegar ones new? I feel like I had never seen them before, they are SO TASTY.
::all our metro and ticket stubs

I know, kinda funny that I would buy baby stuff...but I wouldn't be the first girl to buy baby stuff pre-baby. I always wanted to buy baby stuff, but never could get myself to start a collection. But since baby time for us is in the future I get to start a collection. And I found some great could be worn/used by girl or buy things for future baby.
::Sophie Giraffe "born in Paris"
::leather moccasins
::dang cute baby pants
::cute shirts for baby
::a pacifier and bottle with French words on it. ha.
::I was really pleased with Paris. Like I mentioned before it felt very relaxed. I loved all the parks and all the sitting and relaxing spots...that is something I wished there was more of here in Switzerland.
::I loved hearing all that French. I just love that language so much and wish I hadn't forgot so much of it. You can defiantly get around Paris without knowing any French. Jachen and I used our French probably half the time or less. Mostly they just knew by how we spoke that we weren't native speakers so they would just end up replying to us in English.
::One night we watched an interesting tv program on one of the French channels about guys who stand around the sights and try and sell you those mini Eiffel Towers and how it's illegal because they don't have a license to sell them. It showed how when cops see them the guys go running and if they get caught they get a 650fine and 6months in jail. It was interesting, but we hadn't seen any people selling them so we figured people had stopped because of the crack down on it. However, the very next day we saw men selling and it sure did look sketchy. Every single one of them was looking over their shoulders the whole time and we saw one guy hid the stuff he was selling when cops came in the area. Jachen and I joked about scarring them buy pointing behind them and saying police.
::There were a lot of army men with big guns walking around, the airport, Eiffel Tower....etc...patrooling. Cool.
::We didn't see any pickpocketing until the second to the last day...on our way to the Eiffel Tower on the metro there was this major commotion on the train we were on...a pregnant girl was grabbed by a man and she tried running and got caught but escaped again, but her friend got stuck on the train by the group the two girls tried to rob. It was kinda freaky. The girl stuck was being yelled at and she was yelling back and the group was all yelling. We deducted that her pregnant friend tried robbing or did rob a wallet from the group and the people who caught the one girl was keeping her until the other friend came back. It was pretty intense so at the next stop we switched to another area of the train. The next day we saw both those girls together again. Yikes.
::Besides that, the French seemed really nice and friendly. We had really good interactions with them.
::We loved our trip, so surreal that we did it and it's over. It feels really good to fulfill a lifelong dream.



kaitlin said...

loved allll of those updates and boy are you going to be happy you have all of that down in a few years.

Julene said...

that scarf is gorgeous. i would wear it every day. haha. and the postcards and art prints are lovely too. also, those little baby moccasins may be the cutest little things i've ever seen.