15 October 2012

< Highly Obsessed With White Collar >


We are finally caught up with all four seasons of White Collar. OH MY. We LOVE this show. Where has this been all my life? When it first started I remember seeing things about it on their network, but I just would turn the channel and not watch it. OH BOY. Big mistake.

Such great writing, such great actors, such great stories and so so funny. You will fall in love with all the characters. This show also keeps you on your toes and has so many great ways of tricking you and surprising you. Also, so many great actors have cameos in various episodes, so fun to see. Folks, watch itttt. We watch it on sidereel.com if you need a place to watch it online free, there ya go! No excuses now.

My favorite character is Mozzie...I have a crush on his character. He is so so funny, adorable and one of a kinda. Such a great character, he makes the show. {well really even if he wasn't there the show would still be so great}

If you start watching it let me know! I want to know how much you love it now too.


stephanie said...

Rob and I should watch it. Is it sketchy at all?

Monica @ All Things Lovely said...

nope! no swearing and only a few scenes but they are quick and dont show anything at all.

you guys would really like it. you will love mozzie.

Bekah said...

Hey so I'm a creeper, but we lived in Davenport at the same time in Rexburg. But when I saw this post I got so excited. I LOVE WHITE COLLAR! Probably borderline obsessed.

When I hear of someone who like it I feel an instant connection. So glad you enjoy it too. I don't know if you have seen Downton Abbey yet, don't know if it's your style, but it's another good one. I must warn you the first episode has a weird scene but then the rest of it doesn't. I guess I'll never know if you watch but either way....

So excited for January to finish Season 4 of White Collar.