12 October 2012

< Missing Family >

One of the problems with living this far/on another continent from family is that you have to plan Christmas out in October or even earlier {so that you can get everything ready in time and send packages early enough}.  So the homesickness and missing family starts earlier than it should. Needless to say I have been quite homesick lately. I will always consider where all my family is home and there still is a void inside me, since the day I moved to Europe, because of their absence. In college when I was away from family I would miss them, but I could call them, text them and I knew I would be seeing them right around the corner. This isn't the same feeling, this is on a whole other level. I think also a part of it is just missing being able to interact and be around people on a daily or weekly basis...with people who I feel 100% comfortable with and who are like me in so many ways.

Someday, I will be reunited with them...all at once. I look forward to that day and it brings me hope. And for now I will just look at this silly picture of me and my momma instead of actually being there in person with her.

You have no idea how it feels to be so isolated from friends and family until it actually happens....have you experienced that amount of isolation? How do you cope with that on a long term basis? How do you cope with that homesickness/missing family feeling/mood? Are there things I can do besides skype and email?...cus I got that down.


Mel said...

When I was 16 I moved to the states and lived with my aunt that I didn't really know. I totally know how you feel. I had the hardest time not going insane from loneliness. It got better when I found a best friend. Things lightened up but where still not the same as being around my folks. Well, to tell you the truth. About 2 days after I was back in germany, I wanted to go back to the states. It basically was vise versa......It was weird. Looking back I'm a little pissed at myself for spending so much time being homesick instead of really enjoying my time. I lost contact to almost everybody over there and it breaks my heart daily thinking about that place and how I'd love to be there right now. But, at the same time I'm loving my life here and trying to appreciate everything about it.

I guess it's different because I was never super close to my family. We are close...but not so close as a lot of my friends and you seem to be with theirs. I need more friends around me then family....

missing is just an aweful thing...espesially if you don'T have anybody that you really connect with.

Monica @ All Things Lovely said...

Ya it's kinda a bummer to have such a feeling of missing people. I think for me, it's not just about "missing" them as much as missing the quality of human interaction. And you're right, it is because I am very very close with my family. They are my friends as well as family. Family is so so important to me and being around them has been so so much a part of my life before I got married...so it's been interesting to go from lots and lots of contact to skyping and emailing. When I first moved here, I would cry all the time because I missed them and really I cried because it was so awful to think I would be missing so much of their lives....I am very very close to two of my nieces and the thought of missing them growing up killed me. Luckily, I have controlled those emotions and don't cry about that anymore. ha.

I know when we finally move from here, I will miss it a lot too. But, because of our lack of quality interactions with people here, it will be easier because I won't full on miss people. But somedays I think about how I will really miss our life here, and that makes me sad.

No matter if it's family or friends, it's amazing how much we need people, strong relationships, in our lives. I for sure learned that lesson.

Mel said...

yeah, for some reason I always think it was much easier finding friends in the states then here. I don't know if my mind is playing tricks on me there though. I keep realizing how important some good friends and just some social time with other people really is lately. I'm a homebody and definitely a little introvert and I tend to "hide" at home.....I always realize how terrible that actually is for my mood and well being when I was out and about with friends for a couple of days. It really just brightens everything when you really have some people to interact and have fun with...or just somebody to talk to that just gets you. I totally know what you mean.

those tapestries are so neat!!! :)

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