12 October 2012

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Don't you find these photographs so intriguing? The mood they portray, the styling, the softness, the story, the emptiness, the whimsy and the gloom all mixed into each photo. I would love to stand back and watch this photographer work. I love when photographs have a very distinctive voice. The top right one is my favorite, stunningly beautiful. You can see more of his work, here.


Lauren Hill said...

Hello, thought I would drop by and say hey as I came across your blog and wanted to say hello. I admire your life story of living in Switzerland and dreaming of moving back to the US. It was very brave what you did marrying and staying in Switzerland, that's love for you hey! loving the photos here and the ones from Paris. I have followed your blog and would love it if you dropped by mine- http://scarletrealm.blogspot.co.uk/
Lauren xx

Julene said...

gorgeous. this makes me want to be a better photographer.