20 September 2012

< SYTYCD Winners//Spoiler Alert >

This may be a spoiler alert for some of you so I tried to conceal the results a little...but I am SOOOO HAPPPPY the two best dancers won in the end! What a relief. I wasn't even going to watch the last two episodes because I was so worried the two dancers I didn't want to win would win, but yesterday I searched who won, found out it was the RIGHT winners so I decided I could go back and watch the last two episodes...ha...cus you know, over here, here I was mad that Cole was voted off the show, but I am happppy that Chehon and Eliana won in the end...they are both crazy crazy good.

What a great finale piece with the top 10 dancers and all-stars...

That's all I wanted to say.

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