24 September 2012

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Man alive we just can't get ourselves on that boat to Germany! Second Saturday in a row where it didn't work out...this time due to major rain and fog. We decided while walking to the boat we should postpone the boat ride until a day we can actually see out of the boat. So lets have some good weather next Saturday, huh?

At least we got a nice picture taken together, it's been forever since we have taken one. So our plans changed which led us to a trip to the Arena which is what the locals call the mall because the mall is attached to a soccer arena. An Ikea is also attached so we picked us up a few apple cinnamon candles and FINALLY a drying dish rack. Oh my have we needed one, but could never find one. Turns out Ikea probably had it all along we just didn't look in the right section. Oops. Can't wait for the day when I have a dishwasher again. Also we purchased a wall adapter for our cords in France. It is like Christmastime has arrived at malls on Saturdays here with the amount of shoppers....that is because there is nothing to do on rainy days as well as this is the only mall{and hardly a mall at that} within MILES. So weird to live in a place with baby shopping, well I guess when I lived in Rexburg Idaho that was worse, since living in Lynnwood WA for so long and having the big mall, shopping centers including Target and Walmart just 5 min away. It's like a chore here to go shopping and I hate it.

This morning I had yet another dream about being back in the States and of course the majority of those dreams are me in some way shopping...but in this dream I was so emotional about being able to shop again in such a big store with so many options. I think I will be that emotional and happy when I am for reals back to American shopping and grocery shopping.

Anyway, enough about shopping.

we also managed to snap an insta photo of us...so quite a successful Saturday. 
sure wish i had more of my left eyeball in this.

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Julene said...

well, you're looking dapper.