22 September 2012

< Photo Booth=Ridiculous >

Darling Emma at Smile Me Pretty just blogged about embarrassing/silly photo booth pictures we all take of ourselves and issued a challenge to post our embarrassing photo booth photos...well I took that challenge...little did Emma know I have tons an embarrassing amount of photo booth pictures of myself. Here are just a few of the ones I found hiding in the cracks of all my other photo booth pics...
BUT you know what is even more embarrassing than just making a silly face?!...are these gems...
Photobucket Really? Chocolate teeth picture? WHILE doing a point wink pic? weird.
I had to take a picture eating a Peep? {actually there are several pics of me eating peeps throughout the years}
Photobucket Eating a wooden ship? Really? What's that about?
Photobucket Taking pictures of myself at work...good thing no one walked in when i took pics of myself
Photobucket Fake drinking{well there really is tea in there} for the camera
Photobucket A siamese Monica
Photobucket And picking huge teeth? Weirdo.

AND you know what is EVEN more embarrassing??? 
Are the pictures I took of myself acting all "hot stuff"...

that was a ridiculous amount of ridiculous photos. 
embarrassing, but now you know my photo booth secrets.
BUT I love how ridiculous and embarrassing photo booth allows us to be.

...and for good measure I would like to throw in me stealing kisses from mini Leah and mini Clara
Photobucket oh how I miss kissing these girls.



Emma said...


kaitlin said...

i esp love your hot stuff ones, they are my personal fav.

Julene said...

hahahahah. and i think everyone has their fair share of photo booth where they're trying to look hot...... well at least i do. haha