05 September 2012

< Young Jachey >

Jachen has been going through some of his old things and last night he came across these old ID pictures of himself. I love love when he finds old pictures of himself because it allows me to see a part of him I never got to see. I am not even sure I have seen another picture of him at the age in that first picture, so I am happy he found these. Sometimes I feel sad that I didn't know him his whole life. Sometimes I feel robbed. Robbed of seeing him as young Jachen. Do you ever feel that way about your spouse? I am sure in time when I get to know more about young Jachen I will feel less robbed and more satisfied that I know more about him at these ages.

I love seeing the different ages here. He sure was a cute boy...it makes me excited to see what our little boy{s} will look like. Oh, and you can see pictures of baby/toddler Jachen here if you would like.

Does he look Swiss or European to you?

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Julene said...

He still looks the same, just older. And I would say he looks swiss. But I haven't really compared Swiss vs. European, so I'm no expert.