20 August 2012

< Dear Creatures//Fall 2012 >

UMMM can I please have alll of these outfits/dresses from Dear Creatures Fall 2012 collection in my wardrobe this coming Fall?? Seriously perfect for a darling Autumn look. My favorite is the top right dress. Which is your favorite?

ps. I am aching for Fall.


danielle p. said...

oh my, these pieces are all adorable! especially the collared dresses. how cute! xx

Emma Vidmar said...

GIMME GIMME GIMME!! I WANT ALL OF THESE. seriously, in my head they are all now hanging in my closet. i wish it worked like that.

also, you are by far my most favorite person in the world right now. totally giggled and smile while reading all the comments you left me yesterday. so much that i'll let you in on my photog secrets...
so i just have a canon rebel t2i and a 50mm lens (and now my Petnax ME) But i haven't been shooting film until i came home for the summer. During my study abroad i was using a software that mimicks film quite convincingly. It's by this company called VSCO (Visual supply company). The people down at Kinfolk magazine use it a lot too i think. (i might be guessing on that)

anyways. I think you should still shoot in film, i just bought some kodak porta last week to force myself to do so.

anyways. you are FANTASTIC. you really have no idea. you're the sweetest.

Natalie said...

love the bottom mustard one with the red tights. Love the cardigans too though. cant they make them a little longer though?

Julene said...

so cute. i want all of them.