20 August 2012

< Some Things I Am Lovin' Right Now >

*picking berries with my husband at the local farm 
*eating those fresh berries, so delicious
*drinking San Pellegrino 
*my husband massaging lotion into my feet 
 *the matrix{first time watching the trilogy}
*stocking my freezer with fruit
*reading my Paris guide book
*wearing periwinkle nail polish
*hazelnut milk
*drinking lots of water
*that Jachen just finished reading Eragon
*evening walks with Jachen
* Pretty in Pink, just recently watched it for my first time
* very luke warm showers and then turning it cold for the last few
minuets, so refreshing and thrilling 
*flopping down on my cold bed after spending hours in the hot sun at the lake
*chewing sugar free gum instead of eating sweets
*introducing Jachen to Bill Nye The Science Guy and watching
several videos on youtube, gettin' smart
*that a Lego Lord of the Rings video game comes out this Fall!! 


Natalie said...

Did you like pretty in pink? I seriously want to start having 80's movie parties, like I used to do in College. But I don't have a house (the space for people)....someday when I move I will throw parties...seriously.

Julene said...

yes please.

p.s. monica, you look super cute.