11 August 2012

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This morning around 930 we walked to Migros and bought donuts and Heidi milk and ate our little healthy breakfast at the lake. Then we went and found the flea market at the lake that had been on my calendar for a few weeks now. I am so glad we went. We spent about 3 hours there, it was a HUGE flea market. We were not expecting it to be that big. Some vendors didn't get the memo that a flea market is supposed to have good deals and not pricey items, but that's okay we didn't want their products anyway. But we/I ended up finding some amazing deals. What a great to start our weekend. I didn't take many pictures, but a little so you could see.

Umm do you see the fabulous finds we took home with us?
1. those globes!? such a great price for how good of condition they are in. The star map globe has English, German, French and Italian translations...so that's fun. The moon globe is written in English. They are perfection...perfect for my future boys' space room. Nowww...just to ship it to the States safely...and to have future boys. {or boy}
2. that gnome...I am really happy I bought it. I have been dreaming of a plush doll I can buy here for my first born. This is a collectors gnome...it's a handmade wool felt gnome made by a famous Swiss company. I almost didn't buy it but waited until the end and bought it after I decided my heart was still set on it and that I would regret it too much if I didn't get it. He will be cute in a crib one day. This is my first official purchase EVER for a future baby.
3. the Swiss cowbell. A very typical/traditional Swiss thing. The cows wear fancy cowbells like these when they do their traditional going up the mountain for Summer and their walk back down the mountain for Fall....or something like that. You can learn about it HERE and see the bells worn on the cows...at the 2:19 mark. The cowbell was on my list of Swiss things to buy before we move away and I am so happy to have found one today with an amazing price. This size bell is normally around 35francs so for sure a deal. That is now scratched off my list.
4. i am a suckerrr for postcards/prints of Swiss style scenes especially the ones that have Swiss homes in it. Big time sucker. They will be framed in our home one day. Below are the scenes I bought today. Photobucket 5. and I forgot to photograph with the rest of the loot are the two playstation games Jachen bought at a good deal. One of them is the Legos Pirates of the Caribbean game which is one we have been wanting. I am happy he found something HE wanted because the poor kid was bored and tired...well mostly he hates large crowds so it makes him a little bit of a downer. {but still a great sport considering}

Gone from 930-1 today and neither of us wore our most comfy walking shoes, should have seen that coming. Our feet are a little sore now, but I can't really complain because it was an outing worth while.


Olivia Carter said...

Looks amazing & i loveyour purchases!

Julene said...

such cute finds.