22 August 2012

< Happy First Day >

There are so many great "first day of school" blog posts, facebook posts and instagram photos lately of kiddos on their first day of school, so Jachen and I wanted to join in. Before Jachen headed out to teach his first evening of Institute classes I snapped a couple photos. So happy first day everyone!

ps. I can't believe kids are already going back to school. How did summer fly by??


Mark said...

Oh Jachie, you look so grown up. So cute! Love the tie. Have fun teaching Institute! And yes, so sad, summer has completely gotten away from me.

Mark said...

woops, that was not Mark who said that, although he might agree! It's me Natalie, obviously.

jorjiapeach said...

i'm not ready for summer to be over. but i guess all good things have to come to an end?

Allie said...

awww so cute!!! good luck to jachen!

Julene said...

awwww. that's adorable.