01 August 2012

|| Parents In Switzy//Last Day ||

I'm back, took a little computer break to recover{clean the apartment} from my parents departure that was Monday morning, and have now posted the rest of their days with us {see below}. Not so happy they are back the in the States, so far away from us, but so so happy they came. It was a wonderful wonderful 10 days with them and am so grateful to them for coming. I knew it would be enjoyable and fun, but it was even more than I had imagined. We had great laughs, great food, great drives, great scenery, great travels, great countries {they saw 5 countries while here}, great sleep, great walks, watched great movies and had such a great time. It was such a treat to host my parents in our home not only because it was our first time as a married couple, but also because it was here in Switzerland.

Day 10 Sunday//We had a nice breakfast in the morning together, took a drive into Austria{that is like 15 min away} and beautiful Liechtenstein. We visited a few castles...the one pictured is in Austria then we went to this one and this one. After our drive we came home for lunch, watched some Downton Abbey, mom and dad packed, watched some more Downton Abbey, played No Peeky and Wizard together and then Monday morning we took them to the airport. Oh and dinner was in there too...which reminds me we had lots of great dinners. I really enjoyed cooking for my parents and serving them.

See the rest of their trip, Day 1&2|3&4|5|6|6|7|8|9...or find the posts below.

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Their purchases...they ended up buying a little more than planned. Luckily they had enough suitcase room for it all. Family, they brought back a lot of yummies for you all.Photobucket Photobucket

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