07 August 2012

< A Fine Frenzy Has Done It Again >

Who is excited for A Fine Frenzy's new album?! I AM! I think Alison Sudol might be the musician I have talked about the most on my blog over the years...she is in the top 10 of my favorite musicians. I sure love her music and style.

I just found out the new single for the upcoming album is out now, maybe you already knew. You can download it for free HERE. Cool. The single is very different from her 'One Cell in the Sea' style, which I love so much, but it sounds like her song Avalanches is a little more on the dreamy side. At least her live version is...hopefully the recorded version is as well. I love her dreamy woodland music style and lyrics. She is a musician and style icon for me.

Now can you wait til October 9th for Pines to come out?? 
You can read about the story of her Pines album, here. What a beautiful story behind the album.

And how cool is this?
ps. I love her blond hair, but I miss her very beautiful red hair. 

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Vicky said...

I'm so very excited for this new album, can't wait.
And that was funny to discover you're a LDS too! ;D