04 June 2012

|| Sherlock OR Sherlock ||

We just finished season 1&2 of Sherlock and OHHHH MYYYYYY soo good. Have you watched? Are you watching? If not, you should. I like it better than the movies and I like the movies a lot. Sherlock and Watson in the show Sherlock are officially my favorite of the two duos. Which duo is your favorite?

I cannot wait til season 3.



julie@juliekesti.com said...

i totally agree! just discovered this winter when i arrived to shanghai and it rained everyday for two months--a good backdrop for sherlock. :) just found your blog, can't wait to look through more! --julie {juliekesti.com}

Dorothy Explor'r said...

omg! i just discovered this. actually watching season 1, episode 6 RIGHT now! :) and it's ironic i stumbled upon this post bc i've been trying to get my friends interested in it since the very first episode! ;D