19 May 2012

|| Would You Rather//Kitchen ||

We have a tiny kitchen and I miss having a big kitchen with plenty of counter space...ohhhh how nice it was to have a nice kitchen. I look forward to that day when we can have a big kitchen again, at least bigger than we have now. I love looking at beautiful rooms, but I think my favorite room of the house to drool over is the kitchen. The kitchen on the left is styled interesting. I love the matching lamps over the stove and the wide open feel. I love the steel appliances mixed in with a feeling of antique modern industrial. The kitchen on the right has beautiful wood cupboards and counter tops wouldn't you say? It's interesting how there is no shelving or cupboards on the walls, I don't know if I would like that, but its interesting. Which kitchen would YOU rather have? source LEFT|RIGHT


Je suis une monstre said...

OOh I would rather have the one on the left, nice and light and modern and I love the central station, great for whipping up some delicious cakes! Katie. xxx

Ariel Tyler said...

I like the one on the left, too. The one on the right is a wee bit too modern for me.

bridget anne said...

ok, so i just stumbled onto your blog & let me say this was the PERFECT post for me to see. i'm now obsessed with everything on all things lovely & i'm sticking around forever! i always make my husband play would you rather with me before we go to sleep...after 7 years of dating (and yes, even in high school i'd make him play over the phone), i think maybe he's getting a tad sick of it. but playing it with photographs? now there's an idea i haven't struck yet. i think i'd choose the one on the left. i love the minimalist look of the kitchen on the right...and don't get me started about the wall letters...but the one on the left just looks loved & lived in. it's the kind of place i can imagine candle-lit at night, staying up late with husband, sitting on the counters & chatting. xo.

Holly said...

Left, left, left!! Love the colors and how open it feels.