18 May 2012

|| Ohhhhh, Switzerland ||

Here's the thing. Jachen wants/needs a bike this summer to ride to work. It will be great exercise, 
work is in great riding distance and will come in handy if our visitors would like to borrow our car. He would only need a bike max 2 months really. We have had our eyes out for bikes for months now and the new bikes in the stores are crazily over priced. We have not seen a nice new bike for under $500 here, and they are mostly $700-$900. So frustrating. We have seen some old/used bikes...but nothing at a reasonable price for the state they were in. We are going to look for a place that might rent bikes out on a monthly basis{if that exists} or see if anyone we know has a bike Jachen can borrow OR see if they are less money in Germany. We just don't see it practical to spend more than $200 on a bike he will use for a few weeks or months. What to do, what to do.

The bikes above are just as nice as the bikes that are here that are $700-$900, it's such a joke. And these are not even the cheapest nice bikes at Target and Walmart. Worst case scenario is he doesn't ride a bike to work, but that would be sad. We will keep looking. Hopefully we can figure out something! Bike 1|2|3

I want this bike for me, ideal. :)
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joslin said...

ah that bike is adorable!! get ittt. :) you and jachen can share haha since that would look great for a guy. :)