17 May 2012

|| Watch Out, We're Mad ||

Today is Thursday, Jachen is off work today and tomorrow. 4 day weekend, PARTAY! This morning we were both up at 830 which I was very surprised Jachen didn't want to sleep in longer. He is a sleep in as long as he can kind of guy. In fact, I wanted to sleep longer because I wasn't feeling good and HE was the one telling ME to get out of bed. That's a first. Yesterday I decided I was going to clean today, but when I woke up this morning I wasn't feeling good, like I said, and thought I would just take it easy today. {was that confusing?} Well somehow I got a burst of energy and was real excited to clean. Technically I really really enjoy cleaning and organizing so I am not surprised. We had a really productive morning. I cleaned and organized the crap outa this place. I love that feeling. I even tackled the sink full of dirty dishes that I have been putting off for days. I EVEN converted two of our heaters into little tables, as seen in the above picture. The heaters are off for the summer so now they can serve some spacial purpose. Finally. I covered them with some fabric and viola, not eye sores anymore. I am super excited about this.

Right this very moment we are watching Watch Out, We're Mad have you heard of it or seen it? It's a 1970's Italian comedy. Jachen watched it growing up and this is my first time watching it. It's really funny. Every few minuets Jachen taps my shoulder and says "oh this is a really funny scene" before the scene. The song used throughout the movie is funny too, I think I am in love with it. You should watch it, there is an English version. Looks like the whole movie can be watched on Youtube.

 A great start to our long weekend.


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Natalie said...

Hooray for no heaters! I can stick stuff in front of mine now! It's always nice when this happens.