25 May 2012

|| Target Lovin' ||

Target is my all time favorite store. It has everything plus style. I misssss shopping or even just walking around Target so much. Many of you know I dream about Target. It's the only store I dream about. Whenever I dream about going to the States and stocking up on American products, it's always at Target. It would change my life right now if there was a Target here {a bit of an exaggeration}. There are some really great purses, bags and clutches at Target right now. I thought I would share my favorites. How fun are they?!



Katie said...

Love that blue wallet! I can't imagine life without Target : ( I think I'd probably dream about it to, haha.

kaitlin said...

that backpack isn't from target is it?!

Julene said...

I MUST HAVE ALL OF THESE!!!!! And I don't think Target changing your life is an exaggeration at all. It's THAT great.